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The Best Breakfast for Your Kids

Are you looking for new ideas to give your child a quick, healthy, balanced breakfast before school? A simple way to boost nutrition is by eating from the food groups, whether you are eating on-the-go or sitting down to a family-style breakfast. Take our quiz, then learn the "3 out of 5" breakfast model for the best breakfasts.

Quiz! Click on the breakfast that you think is the most balanced choice:


A. Piece of fruit and hard-boiled egg
B. Granola bar and glass of milk
C. Yogurt with fruit and toast

This is a great start to a balanced breakfast - just add grains and you'll have a winning "3 out of 5" meal!

This is a great start to a balanced breakfast - just add a fruit or vegetable and you'll have a winning "3 out of 5" meal!

Yes! This breakfast gives the best combination of foods the "3 out of 5" way to ensure that energy lasts until lunch.

Remember "3 out of 5" for a healthy breakfast

Eating the right combination of 3 of the 5 food groups provides your children a healthy breakfast that will keep them energized until lunch, whether they are hitting the playground or actively learning in the classroom.

the best way to eat a healthy breakfast model

Why eat breakfast the "3 out of 5" way?

  • Keeps energy levels high until lunch
  • Gives your kids the nutrients they need
  • Helps kids eat the foods they don't typically get enough of: low-fat dairy, vegetables, fruit and whole grains

What Can You Add To Your Breakfast To Make It "3 Out of 5"?

the best healthy breakfasts

Download the Weekly Breakfast Planner

healthy breakfast plannerClick on the image to download the planner, then fill in what you plan to serve for breakfast each day. As you make your plan, check-off the food groups to include the "3 Out of 5" that will provide energy to last until lunch!

Teach Your Kids to Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Our video, game, or worksheet will teach your kids to balance their breakfast with 3 of the 5 food groups.  


Tips for Making Healthier Breakfasts for Your Kids

  1. Get off to a good start.

    Make sure your child has time for breakfast at home or take advantage of the School Breakfast Program if your school has one.
  2. Keep breakfast simple.

    Have items available in your kitchen that can easily be put together in the morning: cereal, milk, toast or bagels, cheese, fruit and yogurt.
  3. Join your child for breakfast.

    Be a positive role model—eat breakfast yourself and share breakfast with your child when you can.

Attention, Attendance and Academic Achievement Improve With Breakfast

The proven benefits of breakfast for your child include: 

  • Better overall nutrition and healthy body weight
  • Fewer absences and reduced tardiness
  • Higher scores on achievement tests

Try our kid-friendly healthy breakfast recipes.

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