How's Your New Year's Resolution Going?
How's Your New Year's Resolution Going?

Every December 31st, flushed with the joy of being with friends and family and the excitement of a new year, we promise ourselves tomorrow will be the day we make the big changes, to eat better, to lose weight and get healthy.

Making New Year's resolutions, comparing them with friends and working on them can be fun, but the thrill tends to fade as regular life re-asserts itself. Because the majority of New Year's resolutions are health-related, it's worth sticking with it the entire year.

Here are some ideas and strategies for keeping yourself on track and getting to the healthier person you want to be!

  • ŸRefine your resolution. Resolving to "lose weight" is too general and can be difficult to stick to. Instead, think about what you could do differently at each eating occasion. Write a list of the foods and behaviors you could potentially change.
  • ŸNarrow the field. Select one or two specific behaviors you can change. Making small steps, even tiny steps, can lead to big improvements over time. Starting the day with breakfast, taking a sack lunch to work or resolving to cook more meals at home are possible ways you could eat better.
  • ŸWrite it down. Keeping a food diary of what you eat and drink each day can help you manage your weight. How simple is that?
  • ŸGet real. Make sure your resolution is something you can incorporate into your daily life. You may read about an amazing diet that has you eating spicy pickled Korean cabbage three times a day, but if you don't like hot foods, cross if off your list and move on. Food preferences are personal and you should eat what you love in moderation.
  • ŸGet support. Surround yourself with people who support your goals.
  • ŸDon't give up. Even if you don't stick to your resolution for a couple of days, forgive yourself, and get back on track. If you consistently go off track, maybe your resolution is unrealistic. If your resolution doesn’t work in your lifestyle, adjust your goals to make them more realistic.

Sticking to your New Year's resolution all year long is about making small, sustainable improvements for a healthier you. By personalizing and customizing your goals, you'll be more successful with your resolution. Remember to respect your own preferences, surround yourself with supportive people and to forgive yourself for slips, and you'll be sailing through the months, ready for fresh resolutions next year!