Healthy Eating Plan: How to Get Started
Healthy Eating Plan: How to Get Started

Healthy eating doesn't have to cost a lot of money or be complicated. Take the Healthy Eating Planner and develop your own healthy eating plan. 

make a healthy eating planHave you ever found yourself eating frozen waffles (or other foods you consider below par) for dinner and thought to yourself, “there’s gotta be a better way?”

Healthy eating is not about buying the latest diet book or throwing out everything in your cupboards and starting over. Instead, you can develop a healthy eating plan that puts healthful, satisfying, delicious foods at your fingertips while still including foods you enjoy. And it’s easy to do it on a budget, too!


Luckily, we have a easy-to-use tool called Healthy Eating Planner that takes into account your health status, goals, how you’re eating now, how much you exercise and sets you up to make changes to improve your health and well-being.


Ready to make some changes? Most people need to start with how they think about food before making a healthy eating plan.

Healthy eating plans leave calorie counting behind

Next time you’re standing in the grocery store agonizing over which cereal among hundreds has the best nutritional value, stop. Grab the one you like and move on.

Instead of counting calories or obsessing over vitamins and minerals in different foods, you can ensure you’re eating balanced meals by relying on something you probably learned in kindergarten: the five food groups. By including something from each group – fruits, vegetables, milk + milk products, meat (beans + nuts) and grains – you’ll build healthful meals without having to micromanage your nutrients. Buying more fresh foods and spending a little time cooking each week can have a major effect on your health and well-being, and Healthy Eating Planner can help you with that, too.

But how much will it cost me to eat healthy?

healthy eating plan starts with food groupsMaybe you’re reading this article while munching on your frozen waffle, asking yourself, “Ya, but doesn’t fresh food cost a lot of money? And doesn’t preparing it take a lot of time?”

Not really. With a little planning and practice, having fresh foods from all the food groups and making fast, healthy meals can become second nature.

Start by assessing your food personality to determine how much effort you want to put in – do you need some healthful yet quick and simple meal solutions or would you rather be tying on your chef's apron for a greater culinary challenge?




A healthy eating plan can help you have the foods you need in your pantry so you’re ready to prepare meals at a moment’s notice.


And yes, even that waffle can become part of a balanced meal (add yogurt, banana slices and chopped nuts on top!)


Recipes, tips and tricks for making a healthy eating plan

Need some inspiration? We’ve got you covered, from a food personality quiz to recipes broken out by meals or food groups. We’ve also got shopping lists, for those who want to make meals in a flash or you can up your game and go gourmet.  

Ready to get started? Start the Healthy Eating Planner to see all the resources available to you, and get started on your healthy eating plan to  begin making easy changes. Next time you’re in the kitchen around dinner time, you'll be happy to have more options than that frozen waffle.