Sipping Pretty
Sipping Pretty

Make your drinks count

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We typically don’t think much about what we drink, but what if we did? What if every sip was perfectly calibrated and calculated to maximize our health? Would it take complex calculations and equations? Would it require that everything we drink come with a long list of healthy ingredients and vitamin additives and mineral fortifications?

If the answer was yes to any of those questions, we’d probably give up before we started. Luckily, rethinking your drink is simple: stick to the recommendations listed below and drink enough fluids to stay hydrated throughout the day. How simple is that? Read on and learn what to drink to maximize your health, without the fuss.

When choosing drinks, ask:

  • How can I make every sip count? Answer: Drink naturally nutrient-packed beverages such as milk and 100% juice to boost your nutrition. 
  • Include beverages that offer other health benefits, like tea, cocoa and red wine. 
  • Am I thirsty? Answer: If yes, choose water to stay hydrated throughout the day without adding extra calories. Use tap water and add ice cubes to save money. Add flavor with sliced fruit or cucumber. Trying to kick a soda habit? Try sparkling water to get that fizzy feeling.
  • Did I drink 2-3 cups of milk today? Answer: Drinking fat-free or low-fat milk each day builds strong teeth and bones. This is especially important for children and teens in prime bone-building years.
  • What if I don’t like the taste of tap water? Answer: Put water overnight in an open container, allowing the chlorine a chance to evaporate (or use a water filter).
  • What should I do with the large drink from a meal combo at a fast food restaurant? Answer: Substitute low-fat or fat-free milk, water or split a drink with a family member. Consider ditching the meal deal and order a la carte - asking for the water cup.
  • How much should I drink? Answer: When drinking anything other than water, make sure you stick to about one cup, or 8 ounces. See how much that is on the tip sheet. Check labels for how much is in a container. You might be surprised to see how many servings are in that bottle! 
  • What should I look for on labels? Answer: While you’re checking out the serving size, have a look at the ingredients (milk or 100% juice should be listed first) and the added sugars. Keep in mind that milk and juice have naturally occurring sugars.

Next time you get thirsty, take a moment to think about your drink. What will both satisfy your thirst and have a positive impact on your health? Try new beverages like unsweetened iced green tea or coffee with a splash of milk. Try to cut back on soda, sports drinks and energy drinks, fruit drinks that aren't 100% juice and sweetened teas, coffees and other beverages.

Try this printable PDF with tips, tricks and other information on making every sip count.

Positive Approach

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