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Workplace Wellness

healthy workplace lunchEmployee wellness programs are increasingly popular. Employers like them because their work force stays healthy and misses fewer work days. Employees like having access to health information at a convenient source, their workplace.

If you are responsible for running a workplace wellness program, these resources are for you!

Free Resources

Self-Instructional Booklets

These colorful and effective employee nutrition education self-instructional booklets are a great resource for your workplace wellness program.

Each of these booklets is available in English and Spanish.nutrition counseling

All booklets are free for California businesses and reasonably priced for companies outside of California.

Activity & Eating - Small Steps to a Healthier You provides an overview of nutrition and physical activity concepts. Access a narrated PowerPoint Lunch and Learn that accompanies this booklet.

Calcium Connection: Healthy Bodies Healthy Bones encourages people of all ages to keep their bones strong. Includes a quick assessment of calcium intake and ideas to make improvements. Access a narrated PowerPoint Lunch and Learn that accompanies this booklet.

Healthy Eating for Your Young Child gives parents ideas to help their preschool children learn healthy habits early in life. This booklet provides helpful tips for parents and answers common nutrition questions.

Healthy Eating for Busy Families helps busy parents learn how to prepare healthy meals and snacks for their school-age children. Suggestions for handling common food and activity issues are included.

Pregnancy: Healthy Moms and Babies promotes good nutrition which is essential for the new mom and growing child. Help your pregnant employees feel good about the choices they make.

If you are looking for additional free resources to use at health fairs or other employee events, try our Tip Sheets.

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