Calcium and Kids - Getting Calcium Every Day

Calcium and Kids

Is Calcium Good For You?

Calcium Is Key In Building and Maintaining Strong Bones

Calcium is essential for children and young adults because it is the foundation for building strong bones. Many children aren’t getting enough calcium in their diet, leading to more broken bones later in life. Getting calcium every day is crucial, milk and milk products that are high in calcium are fat-free or low-fat milk and yogurt, 2% milk, and hard cheese; eating those foods would ensure that your child is consuming enough calcium for their diet. Refer to the PDF above for more information on milk and milk products and how much calcium your child needs a day!

Lactose Intolerance                             

If your child has trouble digesting milk or milk products (lactose intolerant) that does not mean that he or she cannot get calcium in their diet. Some things you can do if your child is lactose intolerant is give them milk in servings of one cup or less, drink milk with your meals (such as putting it in cereal instead of drinking it by itself), drink chocolate milk (which may cause fewer symptoms), eat milk products such as hard cheese, cottage cheese or reduced-fat yogurt because they have smaller amounts of lactose and finally, choose lactose-free milk products, which have the same amount of calcium as regular milk.