Free Online Training for Dietetic Students and Interns - CADE Standards and Competencies

Student Training

Students and Interns Counseling Free Online Training Module

Becoming an effective nutrition counselor is one of the most difficult skills that dietetic students and interns need to master. This module aligns to the standards and competencies outlined by CADE.

Dietetic Students and Interns:

  • Demonstrate knowledge and competency of guided counseling techniques.
  • Evaluate audio-taped case studies that demonstrate both appropriate client-centered counseling techniques in contrast to less effective client approaches.
  • Utilize a counseling framework that embeds specific nutrition advice in the context of the total diet.
  • Assess nutrition counseling sessions using the Nutrition Care Process framework.

Evaluate this free set of lessons and learning activities and begin using this term.


Who Benefits?
Mother talking to Child
  • Students in dietetic training programs (didactic & dietetic technician)
  • Dietetic interns
  • Dietetic professionals early in their career desiring reinforcement of counseling and education skills

What Others Are Saying

Health Professionals nurses anad practitionersWe shared this module during the Dynamic Initiatives for Dietetic Practice and Education session held at FNCE in San Diego in 2011. Here is what we heard from dietetic educators about the module:

  • The case studies are at the right level for undergraduate students and dietetic interns.
  • The module nicely illustrates how to apply the total diet in a counseling session – and the unintended consequences of simplistic dietary recommendations.
  • The resources are perfect for a distance learning program.

Check out the module and free resources today and let us know how you use them in your program.