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The Way We Eat: Looking Beyond Nutrients to Help Clients Build Better Diets

Play The Way We Eat WebinarMonday, May 14, 2012
Featured Speakers: Mary Young, M.S., R.D., Polly Adema, Ph.D., Laura Thomas, M.E.D., R.D., L.D.

Consumers make food decisions for a variety of reasons. Health and nutrition are two factors but there are many more: culture, heritage, emotions, building memories and celebrating special occasions. Food is also an expression of creativity and love. Certain subgroups—such as Millenials—have even more pronounced personal beliefs and views on health and identity which affect their food choices.

As health professionals, we need to recognize the relationships our clients have with food and respect that food is more than a source of nourishment. Awareness of the context in which people choose foods, and an ability to incorporate these factors into realistic and feasible dietary advice, will greatly improve success in achieving individualized goals toward improved health.

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About the Speakers:

Mary Young, M.S., R.D. – Senior Food & Nutrition Strategist for Edelman Public Relations
Polly Adema, Ph.D. – Culinary Anthropologist, Author, Professor
Laura Thomas, M.Ed., R.D., L.D. – Author, Nutrition Education Expert

Additional Resources:  Conversation Starters and Additional Resources

Sponsored by: Dairy Council of California and Society For Nutrition Education and Behavior

Learning Objectives

  1. To list at least four factors, beyond nutrition and health, that influence consumer food choices.
  2. To incorporate at least one strategy into counseling sessions to identify the top factor(s) that influence a particular client’s food choices.
  3. To utilize at least one strategy to align dietary advice to clients with these factors, meeting not just the client’s nutrition and physical needs but their emotional, cultural, creative and spiritual needs.