Nutrition Webinar - Love of Eating Fear of Food 2016

Love of Eating. Fear of Food. How to Empower Consumers in an Age of Mistrust

Consumers are asking more questions than ever before about their food, nutrition and health. At the same time, the world is increasingly connected. Information – and misinformation – is easily accessible, and often the conversation around food, nutrition and health could use more balance. The Center for Food Integrity’s (CFI) research shows that communicating through shared values is much more effective in building trust than simply answering questions with facts. Join this webinar to explore research and models developed by CFI to learn how you can put shared values to work in your practice.

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JJ Jones, Center for Food Integrity

Sarah Downs, MBA, RDN, Center for Food Integrity

Sponsored by:
Dairy Council of California and Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior

Learning Objectives

  1. Practice values-based communication skills to engage more effectively with consumers, patients, clients and colleagues and build trust using the power of shared values.
  2. Provide balance and perspective to the food and nutrition dialog through meaningful connections with consumers, clients and patients.
  3. Utilize tools and strategies to rebuild consumer trust in nutrition science and the food supply, positioning the nutrition and health professional as the experts.