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Food Synergy: More Than the Sum of Single Nutrients

Food Synergy: More Than the Sum of Single Nutrients

07, November 2019 8:03 AM

Given what is understood about the importance of food synergy, it is time to shift the focus away from the benefits of individual nutrients and instead emphasize the importance of whole foods and healthy eating patterns that include more plant-based foods and dairy to optimize health and reduce chronic diseases.

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Leading Health Organizations Issue Consensus Statement Providing New Guidelines on Healthy Beverage Options for Young Children

05, November 2019 2:34 PM

Research shows that what children drink from birth through age 5 can have a big impact on their health since beverages contribute significantly to total dietary intake during this critical period. However, with the rapidly expanding beverage options now available in the marketplace, parents and caregivers can be confused about which drinks are healthy and which should be avoided.

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