Secrets, Stories + Facts About Milk!


Secrets, Stories + Facts About Milk!

14, February 2013 9:15 AM

California dairy cows

At Dairy Council of California, we pride ourselves with promoting a total balanced diet and physical activity as the foundation for a healthy life. It's part of our nutrition philosophy and embedded into every one of our nutrition education programs, tip sheets and tools.

However, because we work on behalf of California's dairy farmers and milk processors, we have a particular expertise and depth of knowledge about milk and milk products. So much, in fact, we had to create an entire section to hold it all!

The  2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend three daily servings of milk, cheese or yogurt for everyone 9 years and up. Since no other single food or beverage offers the same package of nine essential nutrients in an affordable and versatile package, milk is irreplaceable in the shopping cart,  in the refrigerator and by your plate. 

In the Milk + Dairy section, you can find everything from detailed nutrition information for milk, cheese and yogurt to other fun facts like when the first dairy cow came to California (1679)! You can even test your knowledge by taking the Bone Up on Milk Quiz.

The Dairy Sustainability section sheds some light on the many ways dairy farmers in California and across the country are constantly working to improve their operations.

Milk cheese and yogurt

Ever wonder if what you read about milk is true or not? Our Registered Dietitians tackle some of the most common misconceptions about milk in the Myth Busters section. Have an idea or question you don't see covered there? Let us know!

Be sure to check out the recipe suggestions on each page. We don't want you missing out on these delicious recipes that offer the many health benefits of milk (bone building, hypertension-reducing and colon cancer preventing to name a few).

So whether you're an educator, a health + wellness provider, a parent, child or just someone who wants to learn more about America's favorite natural beverage, the Milk + Dairy section is for you!


Sara Floor Miller, M.A. 
Communications Manager


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    thanks for sharing this article. this is very useful for me, its a very true milk have lots of nutrients . in it.


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