Make Feeding Kids Child's Play


Make Feeding Kids Child's Play

06, February 2013 8:00 AM

As a parent, it's natural to worry about your child's eating habits. Unfortunately, food jags and picky eating are very common detours on the path to raising healthy eaters.Young girl drinking milk

Recognizing the need for helpful advice, the Registered Dietitian moms at Dairy Council of California have combined their professional nutrition expertise and personal parenting experiences to create the Healthy Kids section of this website, summarized by this three step recipe for raising healthy kids:


  1. Be a healthy eating role model.
  2. Develop a feeding strategy that respects your role as parent as well as your child’s choices.
  3. Be patient and repeat #1 and #2. It may take years to see the results you want.

Child's play, right? The good news is that the Healthy Kids section is chock full of resources to help parents, health professionals, even teachers promote healthy eating throughout childhood. 

If you're starting from scratch with young children and want the equivalent of a feeding-kids boot camp, check out Eat, Play, Love. Watch our healthy eating webinar featuring prominent mom and registered dietitian bloggers, then click through numerous articles on strategies for raising kids to be healthy eaters.  

For those coping with school-age children, check out the resources in the Kids Healthy Eating section. There you'll find tips on healthy snacking, packing a healthy lunchbox and the importance of a balanced breakfast. Since the classroom and cafeteria are also host to childhood eating occasions, teachers might want to peruse this section as well.

Reading articles is helpful to defining your approach, but every parent needs a good library of Kid-Friendly Recipes. Ours are selected by registered-dietitian moms to please the palates of young kids and parents alike. 

Start building healthy habits by being a healthy eating role model and getting your child involved in the action. Ask your child to help plan, shop, prepare and even pick up after family meals. Kids Games + Activities in this section are a great way to start. Help your child plan out "My Very Own Pizza" then use the recipe provided to make an actual pizza.

We can't guarantee your child will fall in love with lima beans, but the Healthy Kids section gives you the tools to help you raise healthy eaters.

Sara Floor Miller, M.A.
Communications Manager

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  • Pre School in Gurgaon 4 years 32 days ago
    Childhood is the base of child's entire life. Make the kids learn about the healthy food habits. If you are troubled with the feeding habit of your kid send your child to preschool so that the little one learns to feed everything by seeing others kids eating.


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