Can Nutrition Education Impact Teen Sleep and Eating Patterns?


Can Nutrition Education Impact Teen Sleep and Eating Patterns?

12, January 2017 2:22 PM

trade up your breakfast Getting enough sleep during adolescence is a subject gaining attention nationally from the Centers for Disease Control and American Academy of Pediatrics. And Eat Move Win, the new online high school nutrition education program from Dairy Council of California takes the issue head on in an effort to impact teen eating habits, especially at breakfast. 


According to the Centers for Disease Control and American Academy of Pediatrics, nearly 70 percent of students sleeping seven hours or less on a school night. The recommendation is eight to 10 hours per night. Gone are the peaceful days of sleeping like a baby, teenagers today are more likely to hit snooze until the last possible moment, then race out the door with a second thought for breakfast. The phenomenon is so severe, the organizations actually recommend later start times for high school to better match adolescents' biological clocks. 

Lesson 5 of Eat Move Win addresses the inter-related issues of teen sleep and nutrition through lifestyle habits and eating patterns. While observing the lesson in the classroom, our nutrition staff saw teachers greeted by students carrying sodas and other caffeinated drinks to get them through the morning. Clearly lesson 5 has its work cut out for it! 

Sleep poster rechargeStudies have shown that a morning meal leads to better nutrient intake over the day and fewer calories. Since skipping breakfast and staying up late are associated with late night snacking on low nutrient foods, Eat Move Win lesson 5 focuses on getting adequate sleep and trading up to healthier breakfast food choices to stay energized in the morning.  

Help students make a connection between adequate sleep and time for a healthy breakfastContact the National Healthy Sleep Awareness Project from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine for a classroom copy of the  #Sleep Recharges You poster

Hang in the classroom, in the hallway or even in the cafeteria as a visual cue to tie a good night's rest to academic and athletic performance while teaching Eat Move Win. The American Academy Sleep Medicine's website also offers additional resources for educators and professionals concerned with the impact of sleep and stress.

Learn more about the connection between nutrition and sleep, as well as other topics, by teaching Eat Move Win today.

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