Expert Education and Actvity Advice Earns Paige Metz a Community Collaborator Award


Expert Education and Actvity Advice Earns Paige Metz a Community Collaborator Award

09, January 2017 4:37 PM

Paige Metz awarded Community Health Collaborator Awards When Dairy Council of California (CA) sets out to develop or update a nutrition education program, we look to partners within the education environment to help us review and revise our ideas. For her willingness to share her expertise and advice with partners like Dairy Council of CA and others, Paige Metz (wearing black in photo at right) has been awarded a Community Health Collaborator Award.

As the Health and Physical Education Curriculum Coordinator on the Curriculum and Instruction Team that is part of the College and Career Readiness Unit at the San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE), Metz has her fingers on the pulse of education trends and what’s working in real classroom environments. Additionally, Metz has a passion about reinventing physical education (PE) classes as interactive and engaging learning experiences.


"It should look like a health and physical education activity lab class," said Metz in a recent SDCOE news release. "There needs to be evidence of cognitive and emotional learning."

Thankfully, Dairy Council of CA Community Nutrition Adviser Heather Troska Berkoben (wearing blue in photo at right) knew Metz’s passion for this kind of change would be important to harness for the development of Eat Move Win, Dairy Council of CA’s first completely online nutrition program for high schools students. 

Go to Fit 2 Learn Website In addition to program development, Metz has been instrumental in promoting Dairy Council of CA programs to her network. She’s included Dairy Council of CA resources and a call for Eat Move Win beta testers in three county-wide emails to physical education (PE) teachers. 

"The reality is, schools just don't have funding to support everything that needs to be funded. That's why having free, good curriculum provided by a community partner, like Dairy Council of CA, is so valuable. Without those resources, students may not get that additional education in important areas like nutrition and physical activity" said Metz. "I appreciate that Dairy Council of CA has been good about updating materials and staying attuned to changes related to nutrition and more globally in education. This keeps the programs robust and engaging for students. I am happy to help collaborate and develop these resources so they are viable and more likely to make a difference in student health and fitness."  

As a leader in promoting best in class education resources, Metz also played a significant role in the development of Fit 2 Learn Fit 4 Life, a website for PE teachers that’s filled with helpful vocabulary resources, classroom lessons, extension activities and other resources to enhance education. 

For her dedication to making nutrition and physical education easier and more accessible to teachers and students alike, Dairy Council of CA is proud to award Paige Metz its Community Collaborator Award.  



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