As a Community Health Collaborator, Alicia Hauser, RD Helps Keep Dairy in the Conversation


As a Community Health Collaborator, Alicia Hauser, RD Helps Keep Dairy in the Conversation

20, December 2016 11:21 AM

Heather Berkoben awards Community Health Collaborator Award to Alicia Hauser, RD During the December Staff Meeting in San Diego, CA, Dairy Council of California (CA) took time to recognize its ongoing relationship with Alicia Hauser, RD, Sales Director of Special Projects with Hollandia Dairy, by awarding her the Community Health Collaborator Award for her perfect example of teamwork and community engagement. 

From protecting the role of plain and flavored milk in the school lunch program to supporting educational events like Fuel Up to Play 60 (FUTP60) and summer meals kick off events, Hauser (pictured at right in blue) works closely with Dairy Council of California Community Nutrition Advisor Heather Berkoben (pictured at right in stripes) to protect the health of California’s children. 

Hauser pursued nutrition as a career after being positively influenced by a registered dietitian when Hauser was in her 20s. This mentor imparted a solid foundation of nutrition education and healthy eating, which inspired Hauser to capitalize on existing relationship building skills to influence others to be well too.  


“As an RD I consider myself to be an educator,” said Hauser.  “And so, in every position that I’ve held I insert education into my plan.  We’re all selling.  Selling food safety, selling products, selling good nutrition.  I’ve found the partnership with Dairy Council of CA to be a natural and good one as we share a common goal in promoting consumption of dairy for the health and well -being of students.”  


Alicia Hauser, RD and Hollandia Dairy support FUTP60 event at Chula Vista School District Some of her most rewarding experiences involve working with partners to promote healthy eating in the community. Hauser, on behalf of Hollandia Dairy has worked with Dairy Council of CA and other groups to support educational events such as FUTP60 breakfast learning events, Hometown Grant events, Team Nutrition and Smarter Lunchrooms Movement of CA grant kickoff event in San Ysidro and more events like the 2015 Chula Vista School District event (pictured at right) with Hollandia Dairy, FUTP 60, California Milk Advisory Board and others.

Berkoben says of Hauser, “she is more than happy to help and it’s so beneficial having an extra voice that keeps dairy in the conversation.”

In fact, during a recent San Diego County Farm to School Task Force Meeting, Hauser cited the importance of dairy’s role in farm to school, saying, “dairy was the original farm to school product before farm to school was cool.” She also mentioned milk’s short trip from cows to the school cafeteria in about 2 days or less, stressing its freshness and identity as a local food. At a time when milk and dairy foods are often left out of the farm to school conversation, Hauser has been a wonderful advocate for milk. 

When it comes to working with Dairy Council of CA, Hauser says, “My favorite part about working with Dairy Council is working with professionals who share my goals. It’s like we’re workout buddies!”


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