Research, Education and Recognition on the Menu at CSNA


Research, Education and Recognition on the Menu at CSNA

20, November 2015 9:19 AM

Dairy Council of CA booth  at CSNA conference

Dairy Council of California (CA) promoted healthy eating in schools and the Smarter Lunchrooms movement through several moderated sessions at the California School Nutrition Association Annual Meeting in Ontario, California this month.

Following dual sessions on Smarter Lunchrooms, Dairy Council of CA lead two sessions titled "Food Wars." One session highlighted the controversy and the school food service impact of the science behind fat, sugar and salt

The second session featured an open forum discussion of marketing and nutrition education strategies to foster healthier schools and surrounding communities. 

Additionally, Dairy Council of CA staff presented as a panel member on the outreach toolkit for marketing nutrition education programs to promote healthier school meals. 

Dairy Council of CA recieves Moscone Award at CSNA conference

Between this handful of sessions featuring best practices, staff still found time to meet and greet conference attendees as their exhibit hall booth.

A final surprise highlight of the conference came during a general session when Dairy Council of CA was recognized with the Moscone Commitment to Child Nutrition Award. 

This annual award recognizes an individual or organization's contributions to California's children in the area of nutrition education

Receiving the award on behalf of Dairy Council of CA was Shannan Young, Food Systems Program Manager and member of the Smarter Lunchrooms Movement of California leadership team. 


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