Order Nutrition Lessons in December + Keep Students Focused


Order Nutrition Lessons in December + Keep Students Focused

15, December 2014 1:54 PM

nutrition lessons help keep students engaged before holiday break

Caught in a holi-daze? With students and teachers alike counting the days until winter break, December is a perfect time to order nutrition lessons in the classroom and give your students the gift of nutrition during this holiday season.

Since our lesson plans align with Common Core State Standards, you'll be teaching healthy habits and reinforcing key concepts in a fun and engaging way. Each grade level has a specific curriculum with 6 to 10 nutrition lessons. The lessons are based on a behavior-change model that encourages healthy eating behaviors and attitudes in your students. Students can practice lifelong health skills like decision making, analyzing influences and setting goals.

Our nutrition lessons are designed to be fun, easy and impactful. Each program is evaluated for results so you can feel confident your valuable class time is used effectively. Once you've completed your lessons you and your students can put them into practice immediately. Tie your holiday party into your nutrition lessons by planning a healthy classroom party with food group foods. Visit our Pinterest board for fun snack and activity ideas. 

Haven't ordered your lesson plans yet? Place your order today and get students thinking about healthy eating in the new year.

Happy, healthy holidays from Dairy Council of California! 

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  • ASEA Associate 5 years 153 days ago
    Love the value in this post and your site is so pretty. My family and I just started eating a vegan diet and its been a little tough we have always eaten organically but I must say I am missing my meat ;b

    I will be sure to share and subscribe. Pop in on my site there is something interesting and a real breakthrough in redoxing.



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