Better Days Begin with Breakfast as the Family Meal


Better Days Begin with Breakfast as the Family Meal

21, November 2013 8:33 AM

Kids and adults reap numerous benefits from sharing meals together as a family. A study out of Cornell University making headlines recently linked family meals with lower weight and body mass index (BMI). This supports other research findings that families who eat together at home generally eat better and kids who eat with adults frequently have better vocabularies, achieve more in school and engage in fewer risky behaviors. However, the realities of modern life - busy work schedules, clubs, athletics and other activities - can make a family dinner difficult to coordinate. 

News flash, the benefits of family meals are not limited to dinner! 

Breakfast might be the best time for your family to eat together, and when you do, that means #BetterDays for everyone! Breakfast is especially effective in enhancing the health of children and increasing academic performance, because healthier students are better learners and good nutrition is critical to a child’s ability to learn.

Breakfast doesn't have to be time consuming to be beneficial either. Just make sure you include about three out of the five food groups. Some especially quick and easy options include:



Click here for a round-up of all our favorite healthy breakfast information. For more on the multiple benefits of family meals, be sure to brush up on Why Family Meals Matter.

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