New Kindergarten Program Gets Rave Reviews


New Kindergarten Program Gets Rave Reviews

15, October 2013 11:14 AM


It's no mystery why students are loving our all-new Kindergarten program with a variety of nutrition activities and lessons. 

When developing a new grade-specific nutrition education program like Building a Healthy Me! for kindergarten, we work with teachers throughout the state to test the program and make improvements. This piloting process and valuable feedback helps us be sure that our programs reflect how students learn about nutrition and the best ways to help teachers convey vital information through fun, flexible activities. 

We recently caught up with the kindergarten teachers who helped pilot the new Building a Healthy Me! program in the classroom last spring. Read more about their favorite lessons and components, as well as the healthy changes they saw in their students. 

Kindergarten is our most recently-updated program, but all of our K-12 nutrition lessons go through this development process. As part of the dairy industry's commitment to community health, these programs are free to California teachers and available for a modest cost out-of-state. Teaching nutrition makes a difference that lasts a lifetime, order your nutrition education program today.



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