Free California Assembly K-6
Mobile Dairy Classroom

Our Mobile Dairy Classroom assembly teaches K-6 students about the anatomy of a cow, how milk goes from a cow to their refrigerator, the agriculture technology used and it gives them the chance to meet a cow up close! Language Arts, Math and Science are integrated into the lesson as well as healthy food and activity choices and agriculture’s contribution to our food supply. Review the full Scope and Sequence.

The assembly is taught in two segments:

  • 45 minutes for lower elementary grades, K-3, focusing on vocabulary, life cycles and anatomy concepts
  • 45 minutes for upper elementary grades, 4-6, explaining the ruminant digestive system, lactation cycle, agriculture technology and milk processing with proper vocabulary

California schools, check to see if the cow is available in your area or call 877.324.7901

This slide show, created by a second grade teacher, illustrates the assembly and what the students learn. 


Efrain Valenzuela describes the history of the Mobile Dairy Classroom which began in the 1930s.
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Adults and students alike love the interactive and engaging Mobile Dairy Classroom assembly. Our instructors and the local cows they bring receive rave reviews.