Eat Move Win: Free, Online Nutrition Lesson Plan for High School

Eat Move Win  is a five-lesson online program that empowers students to take small steps to better eating and healthy habits. The program presents expert, research-based, nutrition information and helps students change their long-term eating behaviors for a healthy lifestyle.

Eat Move Win grounds students in real-world nutrition challenges about weight, breakfast, sleep, and sports and engages them with videos, small- and large-group discussions, interactivities, and easy-to-use personal logs. Auto-graded assessments and a performance-based culminating lesson allow students to demonstrate their understanding of optimal nutrition.

Flexible and delivered online, Eat Move Win  stands alone or can be integrated with your existing lessons. The teacher-facilitated lessons can be adapted for flipped classrooms or used in distance learning situations. Optional built-in extensions allow a more in-depth look at nutrition topics or flexibility for accelerated students or extra credit.

Teachers and students agree that Eat Move Win  is engaging and extremely effective in providing the knowledge and framework needed to make healthy choices. 

This program made it easier to get my life on track. It allows you to make plans to eat healthier and exercise more.

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Why Choose Eat Move Win?

Whether you are a health, PE, culinary, language arts or science teacher, Eat Move Win provides an engaging learning experience for your students. They learn the importance of eating healthy using MyPlate and the connections to exercise, getting enough sleep, goal setting and critical thinking.

  1. It's online and free! Start today by logging in and setting up a class! 
  2. It aligns with California Health and Physical Education standards and helps students develop skills needed for decision making and goal setting. Ample opportunities are embedded to address reading and writing standards.
  3. It's easy to teach. Everything is included: interactive games, videos, black-line masters, and resources. Assessments are automatically graded and recorded in your class list.
  4. It’s extremely flexible. Use with individual or small-group devices or smartphones. Can be teacher-facilitated with an interactive whiteboard or projector. Suitable for traditional, flipped or virtual classrooms.
  5. It's engaging for students with topics relevant to their everyday lives while building an understanding of nutrition for lifelong health.

Eat Move Win nutrition lessons teach and reinforce lifelong skills beyond nutrition and health


Key Skills Developed

  • Decision making, goal setting and critical thinking
  • Ability to read and understand authentic and technical text 
  • Awareness of consumer and external influences on personal actions
  • Argumentation with evidence-based claims
  • Applying knowledge of physical activity, nutrients and MyPlate dietary guidelines 

Eat Move Win free online nutrition lesson plan

Learning Objectives

  • Students examine the food groups and strategies to trade up
  • Student explore the connections between the food groups and the main nutrients
  • Students examine commonly under-consumed nutrients and the consequences of omitting food groups
  • Students generalize about healthy eating patterns and the benefits of eating breakfast
  • Students create a personal nutrition SMART goal


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Teachers and Students Agree: Eat Move Win is Effective and Engaging

Teachers say it's easy to integrate nutrition into their classroom with the flexible lessons and see the value in helping students improve their health. Students find the lessons engaging and relevant and have made big and small changes for better health.

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Eat Move Win is delivered completely online, both teaching instructions and student content. 

How do I get started? 
If you haven't already registered with, you must register and log in to access the teaching instructions and set up your class. 

What if my students don't have access to computers or tablets?
While all of the content of Eat Move Win lives on the Internet, you can use the program with little or no access to electronic devices for students. Student materials are available for download and you would need a projector or interactive white board.

Can students view the lessons on their smart phones?
Absolutely. Nearly every aspect of Eat Move Win has been optimized for small screen viewing. So students can log onto desktop computers or use tablets or smartphones. Nooks are not supported at this time.

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Limited Quantities Available

Looking for Activity + Eating?

Activity + Eating for Teens is still available for high school teachers that have limited technology available to teach Eat Move Win. The self-instructional booklet is also available for health educators, health professionals and school-based health clinics to use with teens in classroom or counseling settings.

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Dairy Council of California programs and nutrition lesson
plans align with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.