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Activity + Eating: Nutrition Lesson Plan for High School

Builds a Foundation for a Lifetime of Healthy Habits

Nutrition Materials for High School

On the brink of adulthood, high school students are making important decisions that impact their future and creating habits that may very well stick with them for life. Help them make healthier food and physical activity choices by giving them the knowledge they need. Designed using a behavior-change model, Activity + Eating gives students the knowledge to develop an action plan to make healthier decisions.

Teachers choose Activity + Eating as their nutrition lesson plan because:

  • In one or two class periods, they see students making healthier choices.
  • The program is easy to teach and includes an optional PowerPoint presentation and script.
  • It encourages students to eat breakfast, set health goals and make healthier choices.
  • It easily integrates into a variety of high school subjects like Science, English, Health and Physical Education.
  • Students apply problem-solving, reasoning and critical thinking techniques to set goals for improvement.

Activity + Eating nutrition lessons provide high school students with the essential nutrition concepts about:

  • Identifying hunger cues
  • Making small changes to maintain a healthy weight
  • Learning the importance of breakfast for a healthy weight and energy
  • Choosing healthy meals and snacks when rushed or dining out
  • Using hand symbols to eat appropriate serving sizes
  • Categorizing foods into food groups to choose the recommended amount of nutrient-rich foods
  • How physical activity boosts heart rate, builds muscle and bones

Nutrition programs are free to California teachers and available for a nominal cost for teachers from other states.

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What You Receive

Activity & Eating includes the following components. Reorder student workbooks each year but use the supporting materials year-to-year.

  • Student Workbooks (English or Spanish). **Download your Spanish PDF sample booklet here.
  • DVD with PowerPoint Presentation - walk your students through their workbooks with this presentation.


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Education Standards
Review how Activity + Eating

high school nutrition lessons align to

California Nutrition Education Competencies, Grades 9-12.
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Dairy Council of California programs and nutrition lesson
plans align with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

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