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Fluffy Orange Fruit Dip

Fluffy Orange Fruit Dip
Total Preparation Time: less than 15 minutes Number of Servings: 10 or more
Actual Cooking Time:No cooking required Source: Eat Better America

Skinny-dipping redefined. With less fat and a punch of orange, this dip still blossoms with flavor!


4 ounces, (half of an 8 ounce package) 1/3-less-fat Cream cheese (Neufchâtel), softened
1 container (6 ounces) fat-free orange crème or French vanilla Yogurt
2 tablespoons powdered Sugar
1 tablespoon frozen Orange juice concentrate
1/4 teaspoon Vanilla
1/2 cup frozen fat-free Whipped topping, thawed
Assorted fresh fruit for dipping, if desired


1. In medium bowl, beat cream cheese with electric mixer on low speed until smooth.
2. Add yogurt, powdered sugar, orange juice concentrate and vanilla; beat 30 to 60 seconds on low speed until blended and smooth. Gently stir in whipped topping until well blended. Serve immediately or refrigerate up to 24 hours. Serve with fresh fruit.

Nutrient Information
Calories: 50
Total Fat: 3 g
Saturated Fat: 2 g
Polyunsaturated Fat:
Monounsaturated Fat:
Sodium: 45 mg
Carbohydrates: 6 g
Protein: 1 g
Fiber: 0 g
Vitamin A: 4%
Vitamin C: 4%
Calcium: 36 mg
Iron: 0%

Cook's Notes: