Calcium Quiz


Online Calcium Quiz

The online Calcium Quiz will help you determine if you are getting enough calcium. There are several long-term benefits of getting enough calcium, such as strengthening your bones, reducing blood pressure, improving weight loss and minimizing your risk of certain cancers. People with higher calcium intakes generally weigh less and have less body fat than people with lower calcium intakes. There is also scientific evidence that people with high blood pressure can reduce their blood pressure by eating a diet high in fruits, vegetables, and lower fat dairy products.
The online Calcium Quiz is a great way to calculate your current calcium intake and to learn what foods are calcium rich. You can use the online Calcium Quiz to calculate the calcium intake of other family member as well. The online Calcium Quiz has suggestions for eating more calcium-rich foods, and easy ways to work them into your diet. You will then decide which ones you could do on a regular basis to increase your calcium intake to the recommended level for bone health, weight management and other benefits. Take the online Calcium Quiz today!