2016 Nutrition Trends


1. Plant-based eating patterns are on the rise.

2. Food choices are increasingly driven by factors beyond taste, cost and nutrition.

3. Perceptions and recommendations around “negative” nutrients are evolving.

4. The quest for protein intensifies.

5. Snacking is on the rise across all demographic segments.

6. Sustainability movement broadens focus beyond production practices.

7. Holistic, community-based approaches are being adopted to improve health outcomes.

8. Delivery channels for nutrition education interventions are changing.

9. Interventions addressing health inequities linked to socioeconomic status are being enacted by more providers.

10. Growing distrust of science, government and food industry has consumers forging their own nutritional path.

For a complete report, read 2016 Nutrition Trends.

Nutrition Trends

Healthy SaladWe have a dedicated Trends Task Force that meets three times per year to review the trends in nutrition research, education, policy and communications. The purpose of this meeting is to keep our programs on the cutting edge, scientifically accurate and user-friendly. Dairy Council of California has maintained this trends tracking system for 30 years; we feel it is an integral part of our success. 

The team includes 11 staff members, eight of whom are registered dietitian nutritionists. Our source information includes publications, both scholarly journals and news media that report on nutrition issues.